barcelona-el-pueblo-blogEl Pueblo-Sec is a lively and bustling quarter of Barcelona. With no tourist rush, this little authentic paradise is filled with quaint cafés, restaurants, lounges and shops. It is no surprise that some of the cities most beloved music venues call El Pueblo-sec home. Local music lovers and performers flock to this area in hopes of catching the wonderful and soulful music that makes the neighbourhood so unique. Enjoy El Pueblo-Sec’s lively events at our hotel in Barcelona!


The little area tucked right under Montjuïc Mountain is home to one of the cities most loved concert and music venues called Sala Apolo. Every day, Sala Apolo faithfully opens its doors to the city’s lover of alternative music. Whether it’s raining or shining, the music hall hosts a concert by a local musician for all to hear. Live musician, local Catalan bands, techno DJ and all other types of musician flood the venue with their lively music.

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One of Barcelona’s most renown theatres is Teatre Grec. The theatre is located in Jardins de Joan Maragall on Montjuïc Mountains. It was built in 1929 by the Catalan architect Ramon Reventos, it is the style of an ancient Greek theatre. It is an open-air theatre and is mainly used during the summer months hosting city festivals, such as the infamous Festival Grec de Barcelona.

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Year-round theatres such as Teatre Lliure de Montjuic, Mer cat de les Flors, La Vilella, Teatre Apolo and Teatre Victoria have shows every week for the public. Local musicians, live performers, and bands perform for these theatre companies through the year, spreading their talents to those who seek them. Most acts and gigs are in Catalan or Spanish, but there are English performers as well.

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El Pueblo-Sec is a lively neighbourhood in the heart of Barcelona that is home to some of the cities greatest theatres and entertainment venues. Music fills the streets of the district every day and is open to the music loving public. Best of all, these venues are some of the local’s favourite attractions, rather than tourists. You will not find a sea of tourists here, only authentic Barcelona charm and fantastic local music.

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