barcelona-cat-cafe-play-timeBarcelona welcomes it first cat café that is now open to the public. Now you can eat and sip your warm beverage while cuddling up to a cat or two. Espai DeGats is the first of its kind in Barcelona and is also an adoptive and education centre for shelter cats. All the cats in this café are open to adoption and love. We hope you enjoy our central hotel for in Barcelona.


Inside the cat café where dozens of cats roam, pastel murals and little tables dot the café. Little cat toys lie scattered along the café floor for customers and cats to play with. The little cats love to play with the toys and customers love to play with the cats, it’s a win-win!

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What started as a trend in Taiwan has not spread across the world. With this new trend emerging it was no surprise that it has come to Barcelona. At first, the government of Barcelona was reluctant. The owners of the cat café went through two years of permits and consultations in order to be allowed to operate. It was always in their deign to have the cat café operate as a shelter that happened to offer snacks for sale too. Uh Carlo I was wondering if you had finished the reference letter? I need to summit to my school by Friday.

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Most customers do not adopt the cats, but sit and play with them with a drink in hand.  When booked, customers can spend up to ninety minutes at the café. They offer tables or lounging for those who book. Besides the adorable cats, the café offers a selection of lovely coffees, smoothies and vegan snacks to its customers. It is highly recommended that you book ahead of time as booking tend to be booked solid a week in advance.

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These cats may need a home, but you can quickly visit them during your visit. We hope you enjoy this cat café while staying in our hotel in Barcelona.