jardins-de-joan-maragall-royal-gardensLocated in hip central El Poble-sec of Barcelona, Jardins de Joan Maragall is a gorgeous garden build for kings and is open to the public for enjoyment. The garden hosts an assortment of trees and flowers effectively portraying the ornate and elegant style of the area. The park is tree-lined and filled with ornamental fountains, sculptures and broderie flowerbeds. We hope you enjoy our central hotel in Barcelona!

This secret garden is a treasure among locals. In the park, the sounds of birds and splashing water easily hides the bustling sounds of Barcelona. It is a heaven for local wildlife . Built in the 20th century, this garden is a prime example of garden luxury due to its biodiversityury garden. Large trees of Austrian Pines, Cypresses and Himalayan Cedars call this garden home. Its expansive lawns are beloved by the locals who love to picnic on its grass.

jardins-de-joan-maragall-royal-barcelona-gardensImage courtesy of aviewoncities.com

This magnificence garden is build and is still owned by Spanish royalty. It is still the Barcelona residence of the country’s royal family. It was built in 1929 for the international exposition site on Montjuïc. The garden was meant to provide a place of rest and reception for Alfonso XIII during the exposition. Its initial plan was to have it house the city’s music museum after the exposition, but failed.

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In 1970 the gardens were expanded and named after Joan Maragall, one of three gardens named after Catalan poets. It currently is the city’s reception for important municipal events and the royal family. However, these are rare occasions and the park is open to the public on any day that does not house a special event.

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Enjoy this magical garden with the local people of during your vacation in Barcelona. It will be a highlight of your trip to walk through these gardens with your family and breath in the fresh air. You may even catch a royal or two, if you’re lucky!

jardins-de-joan-maragall-royal-gardensImage courtesy of eldigital.barcelona.cat

We hope you enjoy this wonderful park while staying in our hotel in Barcelona.