Barcelona is a city of great cultural wealth with more than 80 museums, all very interesting, but only one of them will bring you back to your childhood: The Chocolate Museum of Barcelona. You’ll not only taste the best chocolates of the region, but also discover the history of cocoa and the different methods of making chocolate. A visit to this museum is truly original and will delight both young and old, and all sweet tooth. Hotel Grums is a great solution if you are looking for family hotels in Barcelona.

You’ll discover the origins, culture, history, manufacture and consumption of chocolate in the world. Located in the old convent of San Agustí, the museum already counts, since its inauguration in the year 2000, with almost 500,000 visits.

Chocolate figures

The museum will amaze you with its chocolate figures of Lucky Luck, Camp Nou stadium, Asterix, Don Quixote and SpongeBob, without forgetting the salamander fountain of the Park Güell. You’ll be blown away by the details and precision of these figures.

The machines

Did you ever wonder, how to transform bitter cocoa into a dish that’s so delicious, that makes us melt with pleasure and brings us back to childhood? Your answer lies in this museum. To make chocolate, three machines are used: the roaster, the crusher and the mixer. You’ll also find two audio-visual rooms where the discovery of chocolate and its introduction in Europe is explained.

Workshops for kids

On weekends, children can attend workshops where they’ll learn how to transform chocolate into figures. The museum also offers a tasting workshop, discovering four varieties of chocolate by learning their characteristics and properties. If you’re looking for a fun and delicious place to celebrate one’s birthday, then this is the place to be.