Barcelona is a city that values time spent outdoors. In addition to its numerous beaches, the city offers a variety of green spaces in different areas of the city, where you and your family can walk or simply stop and rest. The Parc de la Ciutadella is one of the biggest and most pleasant parks in Barcelona. The park offers the perfect space to get in touch with nature. Hotel Grums is a great solution if you are looking for family hotels in Barcelona.

In this large green area you will find a family atmosphere bumping into baby carts, tourists, dogs and runners. Thanks to the wide green space of the Ciutadella, the interior of Barcelona breathes better.

Along the park of the Ciutadella are joined buildings and very different areas. The park shares space with the Barcelona Zoo, ample green areas, a monumental waterfall, a pond where you can sit in rowboats and between its most emblematic buildings rises the same Parlement of Generalitat, a military church, and the Castle of the Three Dragons.

For sport addicts, there is a path of 1.4 km to run around the park and if that’s not enough, you can easily continue your way towards Barceloneta and reach the beach for a good stretching. You will also find various groups performing yoga, aerobic or taichi, especially during the late afternoon.

Inside the park there is a pond where you can enjoy a tour in paddle boats surrounded by ducks and other birds. You can rent a boat for 6 euros for a half hour and the dark green colored water is what makes the pond very unique.

North of the pond rises the monumental waterfall, designed by the 19th century by Josep Fontseré, Gaudi’s assistant.