Known as Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria or La Boqueria for short, this is the most vibrant market in Barcelona! Right off the popular street of Las Ramblas, this market is filled with fruits, vegetables and other fresh produces from the Catalonia region. We hope you enjoy our central hotel for family in Barcelona as your destination for all local culture and attractions!

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History of La Boqueria

La Boqueria has a rich history in Barcelona for over 700 years. The first mentions of the market date back to 1217, when it was created to sell meat by the city gates. Over the centuries, the market has been updated to include the selling of pigs, vegetables, straw and other produce.

It wasn’t until 1835, over 600 years from his first mention, that the market was, finally, officially recognized by the city of Barcelona as an official market. With this official status, the government constructed a market right off Las Ramblas for the new recognized market. It was expanded to include fishmongers and butchers onsite for creating the freshest cuts of meat for their customers.

In 1840 the construction for the new building broke ground and the market was finished in the same year. Since then, the marketed has be upgraded to include a new fish market, a new metal roof and glass details at the front entrance.

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The Market Today

The market today is popular among local people and visitors to the city. Customers can get anything from fresh smoothies, candy trinkets, fresh produce, live seafood and even tapas at the market. Visitors love to stroll long the vibrant stalls and pick their favorite treats to bring home or eat right away. It’s easy to find local people nibbling on deep fried seafood, while shopping for fresh eggs and bacon for tomorrow’s breakfast.

Around the market, there are open spaces, cafés and restaurants for hungry locals and visitors. Skateboarders love to glide and ride the steps and railings of the outdoor areas of the market. Other times people love to sit and enjoy their dinner on its steps.

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Whatever your reason for visiting the market is, you are surely able to get an authentic feel of the local people and their culture while staying at our familial boutique hotel in Poble Sec!