Castanyada Food | Visit Barcelona With FamilyWell, the countdown is on, if you and the family, love good food and exciting events; the only question you need to ask yourself is “Where will we be to be on the 31st of October and the 1st of November?”. If you answered anywhere other than Barcelona, you are missing out. Come to our beautiful city and stay at our family hotel in central Barcelona.

Although Halloween and La Castanyada are celebrated on the same date, it is a very different festival, while both have links to death. La Castanyada (La kas-tan-ya-tha) festival is celebrated in Catalonia, Spain and although it has developed since the late 18th Century. It has retained its tradition as a time for families to come together to remember their lost loved ones. Although the exact origins of this festival are not clear the mighty chestnut became the star of La Castanyada, as the tradition spread and became popular in Northern Spain.

La Castanyada Barcelona, is the quintessential Catalan celebration for families and friends from all over the world, to come together. Congregating around a bonfire that symbolically serves to scare away spirits, in the darkness of the night. Castanyas (chestnuts) and sweet potatoes are roasted, served steaming hot and available all around the city of Barcelona. For those with a sweet tooth delicious miniature panellets (pine nut cakes) and sweet muscatell wine (Muscat) is enjoyed in the commemoration of the beloved dead.

Bona Castanyada | Visit Barcelona With Family

In the past, it was ‘La castanyeres’ (typically old women who covered their heads in a scarf) who sold hot chestnuts in the street. However, today many are young students who see the opportunity to make some pocket money. Both adults and children alike will have a great time as they walk around the city feasting on traditional Catalan delicacies. While this festival also marks the end of the summer and the start of the autumn season. You will notice that the sun may refuse to go away which may leave you enjoying the festival in a T-shirt, with a full stomach and sun-kissed glow.

La Castanyada is overflowing with delicious food and drink on each street corner; there is something for everyone. So if you were wondering what you could do for the ‘Halloween’ festival this year, and wanted something fun for the entire family, young and old. Then stop your wondering La Castanyada festival, is precisely what you are looking for.

Come celebrate at our family hotel in Poble Sec. La Castanyada 2018 is waiting for you!