So, what’s San Juan?

It has been said that the night of San Juan (June 23) is the shortest of the year. But actually for the ones that celebrate, it often turns out to be the longest. In Barcelona the night of San Juan is celebrated on a grand scale. Hence, if you you are visiting the city, you can’t miss the opportunity and must join. The party will start on the afternoon of June 23rd. However long you celebrate, we will wait for you at Hotel Grums !

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San Juan: Celebrating the beginning of summer

The night of San Juan is magical for many reasons. Traditionally, this celebration has been associated with the summer solstice, when the sun reaches its peak. The sun has always been linked to fertility and wealth. Another key element of this festivity is fire, linked to strength, but also to purity. Therefore, it is not surprising that the bonfires are an essential in the night of San Juan. Finally, there is water, which represents healing.

Knowing this, it is much easier to understand why lighting and jumping bonfires and bathing in the sea represent the two main rituals of the night of San Juan.

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How is the night of San Juan is celebrated in Barcelona ?

Conversely the celebration of the night of San Juan in Barcelona begins in the afternoon. The party starts with the arrival of the so-called Canigó flame to the Plaza de Sant Jaume, while the song ‘Muntanyes del Canigó’ is played.

The flame from Plaza de Sant Jaume will be used to provide to light the fire in other neighborhoods. The lighting of the bonfires marks the beginning of one of the most special nights of the year. The streets are filled with people and the festivals, music, pyrotechnic shows, dances and, finally, the desire to have fun begins.

People are spread thoughout the city, with hundreds of people also celebrating on the beach. Here there is not only music, but also amazing atmosphere and fireworks. The most daring will take the opportunity to take a swim at night in the sea and start the summer off on the right foot!

We from Hotel Grums, the luxury hotel located near Paral·lel, encourage you to experience one of the most incredible nights of the year in Barcelona.