The Festes de Sant Roc has been celebrated in Barcelona since 1589, making it the oldest festival in the capital city. In August of 2019, as dictated by tradition, the Gothic Quarter will once again be flooded with the festival atmosphere and traditions. Don’t let another summer pass you by without experiencing them! If you stay at Hotel Grums, you will have the opportunity to experience these festivities as if you were a local.  

The Festes de Sant Roc is also known as the Gothic Quarter’s Great Summer Festival. The event takes place every summer beginning on August 16th, Sant Roc’s day. Craft fairs, parades, music, fireworks, and much more coexist for several days in the heart of Barcelona. 

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Main events at the Festes de Sant Roc

Declared a Festival of National Interest, this celebration is full of rituals. Want to find out more about the key events at the Festes de Sant Roc?

Things kick off with the famous inaugural parade which generally leaves from Manuel Ribé plaza. Another symbolic event also takes place on the first day of this major festival with the climbing of the cucaña, an attraction which also occurs every afternoon during the festival. The hoisting of the flag mark the beginning of these festivities to honor San Roque.  

The Dog Party is another major event. It is a fascinating canine exhibition in which the neighborhood dogs offer their own particular greetings to the patron saint. The meeting of giants is a much-anticipated moment, as well as the tradition of the long porrón. At around 75 cm long, only the most determined are able to drink from this traditional wine vessel. Laughter is assured. 

We can’t forget about the iconic correfocs, a parade with fire that is sure to impress spectators. Nor does the Festes de San Roc lack for Sardanas and other events that represent the culture and traditions of the area. 

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The area around the Catedral de Barcelona and the Gothic Quarter in general are turned into the best environment for hosting such an authentic celebration. To rest between events, we encourage you to come to Hotel Grums, accommodations that will meet your highest expectations.