The National Day of Catalonia is the big celebratory day for the region, a festival that takes place every September 11th. It is a day for celebrating traditional Catalan cultural expressions, so every town in the autonomous community celebrates. Of course, in Barcelona the day is celebrated with special furor. Do you know how the National Day of Catalonia in the capital city? Our family boutique hotel in Parallel will share some interesting facts about the national festival of Catalonia.

Diada Catalunya in Barcelona

The National Day of Catalonia: What it Commemorates

Despite being a day when the festive atmosphere is at the forefront, the reality is that it commemorates a defeat. It occurred in 1714 during the war of Spanish Succession, when Barcelona fell to Phillip V of Bourbon’s troops. The result was the dissolution of its government institutions and imposition of central rule from Castile.

The National Day of Catalonia began to be celebrated in 1886 with a mass for those who died in that war. Bit by bit, the festival began to become a time to celebrate the defense of rights and liberties, as well as for reaffirming Catalan national identity.

Diada Catalunya Barcelona

Key Parts of the National day of Catalonia

From the beginning, the central event of the National Day of Catalonia has been the homage to Rafael Casanovas, considered an icon in the fight for liberty in the Principality of Catalonia.

The day kicks off with offerings of flowers to the monument erected in his honor, located at the Ronda de San Pedro in Barcelona. Every September 11th, thousands of people and political representatives come to the area to participate in this homage.

Another stand-out on the agenda is the church of Santa Maria del Mar, located in the La Ribera neighborhood. This parish hosts another key event in the national festival, this time in honor of the fallen soldiers in that fateful battle in 1714.

Culture is another major piece of the National Day of Catalonia. Conferences, concerts, exhibitions, and other activities take place around September 11th, all connection to the land’s traditions. Enjoy your stay in Barcelona at our 4 stars hotel in Parallel.