Maremagnum isn’t just a mall. It’s such an iconic spot in Barcelona that it’s worth your time to visit, whether or not you’re planning to buy anything. What makes this mall different is, in the first place, its location. In the middle of Port Vell, it is completely surrounded by the ocean. As a result, the area is always full of people. No one wants to miss out on this marvelous spot in the capital city! If you stay at our family boutique hotel in Parallel, you’ll find it easy and convenient to discover everything the iconic Maremagnum has to offer.

We often associate malls with busy, chaotic spaces, the last place you would want to go to relax. However, Maremagnum is a different story. It’s imposing location on the Mediterranean means that just looking at the façade can be a pleasure. But inside you’ll also find an interesting collection of both shops and restaurants. Are you looking for a little gift for someone special? You’re sure to find it at Maremagnum!

Maremagnum Shopping Centre in Barcelona

What to do at Maremagnum

The first thing you’ll notice about this mall is how you get to it. To get there you cross a bridge that connects dry land to Maremagnum. It’s a stretch known as La Rambla de Mar.

Once you’re inside the mall, you’ll have more than 70 stores of all kinds at your fingertips: fashion and accessories, health and beauty, home, kids, and much more. Of course restaurants play an important role in what Maremagnum has to offer.

Local and international specialties have their place in this Barcelona location, so you just need to decide what you prefer: Asian or Italian food? Maybe tapas, or would you rather have some fast food?

Maremagnum Shopping Centre in Barcelona

If you’d rather enjoy a cocktail with a view, just head to Barítimo Lounge Club. This restaurant and cocktail lounge is one of the most sought-after eateries in Barcelona, not just for its exquisite ambience, but also because it allows you to relax with an impressive panoramic ocean view.

Although it’s not actually inside the mall, the Aquarium de Barcelona is just a few steps away and is another interesting activity in the area. Take advantage of your visit to Maremagnum to immerse yourself in this fantastic submarine world overflowing with different ecosystems. See sharks, colorful fish, and seahorses in beautifully designed aquariums!

As you can see, the options are inexhaustible. Enjoy your stay at our central family hotel in Barcelona!