Poble Sec

Calle Blai: the place to be for tapas in Barcelona

Gastronomy is one of the most popular attraction in Barcelona. That is why one of the most frequent doubts of all visitors is where to have tapas in Barcelona. The good news is that just a few meters away from our hotel for family in Poble Sec you will find one of the best tapas streets in the Catalan capital. [...]

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El Poble-Sec’s Bomb Shelter

This historic landmark called Refugi 307, is in El Poble-sec and is one of Barcelona’s biggest and hidden attractions. Part of the Museu d’História de Barcelona (MUHBA), this shelter dates back to the time of the Spanish Civil War. Build to protect the neighbourhood from the heavy bombing of the city during the same time, it saved thousands of lives [...]

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Festa Major de Poble Sec

Summer is finally settling in Barcelona and it is the time for the Festa Major! If you want to experiment Catalan traditions, this is it. Every year, this “Big Party” is taking place, and this year it is from the 13th until the 22nd of July, so 9 days of party. If you want to enjoy this traditional event at [...]

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Jardins de Joan Maragall

Located in hip central El Poble-sec of Barcelona, Jardins de Joan Maragall is a gorgeous garden build for kings and is open to the public for enjoyment. The garden hosts an assortment of trees and flowers effectively portraying the ornate and elegant style of the area. The park is tree-lined and filled with ornamental fountains, sculptures and broderie flowerbeds. We [...]

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Magical Montjuic in Barcelona

Montjuic is at the edge of trendy El Pueblo-sec. This naturally wooded hill has a special place in the history of Barcelona. In the early 19th century, the hill was commonly used for growing food and grazed by animals. The hill was selected to hose the 1929 international exposition, for which large-scale construction began for the event. We hope you [...]

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Top Cruises from Barcelona

Barcelona is famous for being the starting point for some of the best cruise ship routes in the world! With Barcelona’s central location on the heavenly Mediterranean Sea it is a prime location for starting a fantastic and luxurious cruise ship trip. Visitors can take in the unbelievable sea views from their cabins while exploring great coastal cities like Marseille, [...]

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El Pueblo-Sec Upcoming Events

El Pueblo-Sec is a lively and bustling quarter of Barcelona. With no tourist rush, this little authentic paradise is filled with quaint cafés, restaurants, lounges and shops. It is no surprise that some of the cities most beloved music venues call El Pueblo-sec home. Local music lovers and performers flock to this area in hopes of catching the wonderful and [...]

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