Gracia, the best neighbourhood to visit in Barcelona!

‘The village of Barcelona’ is the nickname of the neighbourhood called Gracia. It is a neighbourhood with the highest concentration of foreign restaurants and offers the perfect way to experience Barcelona, but not the tourist way. It is a neighbourhood that is filled with people from different age groups, countries and cultures. But they have one thing in common: the [...]

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Best Places for Family Brunch in Barcelona

When you’re travelling as a family, it can be difficult to get everyone out of the hotel room first thing in the morning for an early breakfast. But instead of settling for a rushed meal on the go, opt for a leisurely sit-down brunch instead. There are loads of amazing brunch restaurants in Barcelona and thanks to the Spanish custom [...]

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Barcelona’s Best Bites

When planning a day out for the family in Barcelona, where to eat will be one of the main considerations at least once, if not twice during the day. Kids always have so much more energy than us adults, but once that is expended, you’ll no doubt be thinking about refueling at a child-friendly venue with a fantastic menu. Hotel Grums [...]

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