Botanic Garden of Barcelona: a big green lung one step away from the city centre

Barcelona is an incredible, vibrant, bustling city. Each neighborhood is a surprise and a new opportunity to discover a different facet of the Catalan capital. However, sometimes, you want to disconnect from the big city. The best thing is: you do not have to go far for it. Indeed, the Jardí Botànic de Barcelona is located just a short walk [...]

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Barcelona´s Green Pigeons

While not technically a pigeon, these birds live in local parks in tightly knit colonies and are called Monk parakeets. The birds can be seen throughout Barcelona, but prefer parks with palm trees and a source of water. Come and settle down in our family hotel in Barcelona to catch a glimpse of these avian creatures! […]

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Family’s paradise: Parc Turó de la Peira

A place where it’s easy to forget that you are in Barcelona. Parc Turó is located on a massive hill, providing a beautiful view over Barcelona. A parc that is closed to be called a forest filled with Mediterranean plants and trees. A place where nature shows its beauty. But also a place where the family can be in paradise [...]

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 Parc de la Ciutadella, more than a park

Barcelona is a city that values time spent outdoors. In addition to its numerous beaches, the city offers a variety of green spaces in different areas of the city, where you and your family can walk or simply stop and rest. The Parc de la Ciutadella is one of the biggest and most pleasant parks in Barcelona. The park offers [...]

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Jardins de Joan Maragall

Located in hip central El Poble-sec of Barcelona, Jardins de Joan Maragall is a gorgeous garden build for kings and is open to the public for enjoyment. The garden hosts an assortment of trees and flowers effectively portraying the ornate and elegant style of the area. The park is tree-lined and filled with ornamental fountains, sculptures and broderie flowerbeds. We [...]

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