A place where it’s easy to forget that you are in Barcelona. Parc Turó is located on a massive hill, providing a beautiful view over Barcelona. A parc that is closed to be called a forest filled with Mediterranean plants and trees. A place where nature shows its beauty. But also a place where the family can be in paradise for a moment. When walking up the hill you will pass many picnic areas, open spaces perfectly suitable for any ball game and children’s playgrounds. Furthermore, the best place for the parents to relax and the children to play. Hotel Grums is a great solution if you are looking for family hotel in Barcelona.

The Turó de la Peira neighborhood was first established in early 1960’s. The neighborhood covers approximately 8 hectares of the parkland area. The slopes of the hill remind people of an ice cone, because of the circular and spiral paths that seem to swirl upwards to the top. The slopes are well designed to be of great use for children. Apart from the designed areas for bocce ball, basketball, table tennis, volleyball and football, the open landscape grass fields are from great use too. And when the sun is becoming hot, the trees will provide the maximum amount of shades for you to have a nice picnic.

For the sport fanatics the hill can be a great challenge. The many stairs and steep hills can’t be conquered without breaking a sweat an the top of the hill counts 138 meters above sea level. Not for everyone!

Parc Turó offers relaxation and feeling one with nature for parents. When the kids are enjoying themselves on the playground, the parents can enjoy the beautiful nature. If you are craving to clear your head, take a second to breathe or have some time together with your partner during the holidays, stop looking any further. This parc allows you to do all these things at once. And, the cherry on the pie, the top of the hill will provide you with a magnificent 360° view of Barcelona.

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