Bunkers Del Carmel: The Little Known Place with the Best View

Despite Barcelona being a crowded city, in the district of El Carmel you will find a view on Turo de la Rovira that has incredible 360 views with little to no crowds. This little known place is steadily growing in popularity, but has avoided being on most tourist´s radars for decades. This is thanks to its slightly inconvenient location and [...]

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Barcelona´s Green Pigeons

While not technically a pigeon, these birds live in local parks in tightly knit colonies and are called Monk parakeets. The birds can be seen throughout Barcelona, but prefer parks with palm trees and a source of water. Come and settle down in our family hotel in Barcelona to catch a glimpse of these avian creatures! […]

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Gracia, the best neighbourhood to visit in Barcelona!

‘The village of Barcelona’ is the nickname of the neighbourhood called Gracia. It is a neighbourhood with the highest concentration of foreign restaurants and offers the perfect way to experience Barcelona, but not the tourist way. It is a neighbourhood that is filled with people from different age groups, countries and cultures. But they have one thing in common: the [...]

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Barcelona’s Cat Café

Barcelona welcomes it first cat café that is now open to the public. Now you can eat and sip your warm beverage while cuddling up to a cat or two. Espai DeGats is the first of its kind in Barcelona and is also an adoptive and education centre for shelter cats. All the cats in this café are open to [...]

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