Barcelona is one of the best cities to visit during Christmas. In the Catalan capital, this time of year is very special, and the proof is in the many markets, Christmas lights, and the endless activities put on for the public. At central family hotel in Barcelona, you can enjoy a lovely stay immersed in a destination that shines with its own light during the holidays. Here are a few ideas for how to celebrate Christmas 2019 in Barcelona.

Christmas markets in Barcelona

During Christmas time, Christmas markets take charge of spreading the spirit of the holiday. That makes a walk through one of these fairs one of the best plans for the season. The Sagrada Familia market is one of the standouts, and not just because it’s in the shadow of that iconic monument. It is one of the best places to get ornaments for your Christmas tree, crafts, and even traditional sweets.

Another market that really typifies the holidays is the Santa Llúcia market. It is the oldest market in the capital city, dating back to 1786. Every Christmas the Avenida de la Catedral hosts close to 300 stalls where you can buy the famous caganers, among many other Christmas items.

New for 2019, Barcelona will have a Christmas market by the sea, specifically at port Vell. With an area of 5,000 m2, they will also install an enormous tree more than 30 m tall and a floating creche.

Christmas in Barcelona 2019

If you love Christmas, you can’t skip this store

Since just a few weeks ago, Barcelona has been home to an impressive establishment entirely dedicated to Christmas. It’s called Käthe Wohlfahrt, a German store that is basically a paradise for Christmas lovers. Ornaments for your tree or manger, candles, music boxes, and all types of Christmas decorations will ensure that not one corner of your house is left undecorated.

Christmas lights, street by street

Another classic activity for Christmas in Barcelona is Christmas lights. When the sun disappears it’s time to take a walk though some of the most iconic areas to look at the impressive illumination, which surpasses itself year after year.

Important streets like Gran Vía or Balmes will be radiant, although you shouldn’t miss Rambla de Catalunya or Grácia. La Plaza de Sant Jaume is also an essential stop, as well as the Poble Espanyol which is traditionally decorated for the occasion.

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