Spanish Culture

Feast of Sant Joan with Family

The Festival of Sant Joan is the celebration of summer solstice in Catalonia. Indeed, it takes place during the shortest night of the year, for 2018, it will be the 23rd of June. This feast is one of the main event in Barcelona, and you don’t want to miss it! Stay in our central family hotel in Barcelona to enjoy [...]

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Barcelona´s Green Pigeons

While not technically a pigeon, these birds live in local parks in tightly knit colonies and are called Monk parakeets. The birds can be seen throughout Barcelona, but prefer parks with palm trees and a source of water. Come and settle down in our family hotel in Barcelona to catch a glimpse of these avian creatures! […]

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A Family Guide to Easter 2018 in Barcelona

Although Catalonia doesn’t celebrate Easter quite as passionately as the rest of Spain, there are still plenty of church services to attend, religious processions to watch and some delicious traditional cake to eat to honor this annual holiday. So you don’t miss out on a spectacular parade or have to go without any groceries because the supermarkets are shut, here’s [...]

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Barcelona’s Finest Flamenco: El Tablao de Carmen

Families visiting Barcelona may be no stranger to the Spanish tradition of flamenco dancing. Whether you prefer to be a spectator or active participant, there’s no doubt about it, flamenco is entertaining, engaging fun for people of all ages. Hotel Grums is a great solution if you are looking for family hotels in Barcelona. […]

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