The Pudding Bar is one of those places that brings you back to your childhood, when worries did not exist and happiness was measured in sweets. Its spongy roof turned into a colorful and brightful circus tent, leaves you no choice but enter. Few places in Barcelona are as magical as this one, where children enjoy as much as those who left their childhood a few years ago. Hotel Grums is a great solution if you are looking for family hotels in Barcelona.

Pudding Bar is a pleasant and cosy café, perfect for a good conversation accompanied with a sweet. You have the choice between cheesecake, walnuts and chocolate, carrot, lemon and also muffins, biscuits and endless options for breakfast and lunch. And when I say endless, I really mean it. Typical cereals with milk and ColaCao or a cup of hot chocolate with bread, natural juices croissants or even pancakes with honey.

This magic place is divided into two floors and has a covered outside area with views on the street. The bar and tables at the street level floor form the “parents zone” with chairs that get you comfortable just by seeing them.

The bottom floor is the “children’s area”, guarded by the figures of two huge mushrooms that make you feel like a tiny dwarf in a fairytale. Your little ones will discover the playground with iPads, books and lots of games.

On top of it, Pudding Barcelona is a place full of activities for children and young people: architecture workshops for children, workshops to learn how to draw comics, introduction to the opera for children and even Chinese lessons! They pay so much attention to your kids, at a point where they even offer you the possibility of accompanying them to school after breakfast and pick them up in the afternoon.

It is also the perfect location to celebrate an event, such as a themed birthday for your kids: Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes… With personalized invitation, snacks, creative activities, music, movies and they even provide you a CD with the evening’s pictures.