Archeological Museum of Barcelona Building | Visit Barcelona With FamilyMontjuic area is located in the south-west of Barcelona. It is a great area to explore, full of history and museums. In this article, we focus on a well-known one, the Archaeological Museum. It is beautiful inside out, as the building is art Deco, the architecture is remarkable. Don’t miss this visit while you stay at our family hotel in Montjuic.

About the Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Barcelona, also known as Archaeological Museum of Barcelona And Institute Of Prehistory And Archaeology is one of the most visited sites in Barcelona. The site is notable for its rich collection of prehistoric sculptures, Iberian archaeology, and ancient Greek art. The environment around the museum is quite conducive for escapades- take your family around for small walks to explore the environs, taking pictures of the beautiful sites within.

The Archaeological Museum of Barcelona stands in the former palace of the Graphic Arts which was built for the 1929 World’s Fair in Barcelona. The artifacts in the museum are arranged in an orderly manner to allow visitors easy navigation. This site is a safe haven for adventure loving families with a sense of historical enlightenment. Travelling to this destination is both fulfilling and entertaining; guests find this tourist attraction the most exciting in archaeological exploration.

Archeological Museum of Barcelona Roman Columns| Visit Barcelona With Family

During the holidays, the Archaeological Museum of Barcelona records quite a high number of guests. The biggest percentage is usually families and couples who are looking for engagement with old architectural sculptures and art. What better way to enjoy a quiet time with your family after long days of work!

There are a number of things to do while at the Archaeological Museum of Barcelona. Spend the mornings viewing the beautiful dawn scenery that exhibits itself, and stroll down the footpaths with your family in the sun downs.

Touring around the Museum

There are a number of things that you might choose to engage in with your family while at the museum. This article will enlighten you on the best things in the museum.

Culture & Heritage

The Archaeological Museum of Barcelona presents a huge range of cultural diversity. From the old sculptures that depict the old age lifestyle of the Catalonians, to unique paintings that draw back to the birth of art in the city, the museum has become the center of attraction for both researchers and fun loving tourists.

State of the Art Artifacts

The Museum has fine pieces of artifacts that possess rich Spanish history. Displays of glass, sculpture and Greek vases are laid at strategic places around the museum. Taking family photos is an amazing experience inside the museum; with the best artifacts from around Spain, families spend most of their time taking snap shots. What better way to keep memories of you and your loved one.

Archaeological Museum of Barcelona Prehistoric Exposition | Visit Barcelona With Family

The Archaeological Museum of Barcelona is undoubtedly one the best chilling spots for families both locally and abroad. Discover some special activities for the whole family on the museum’s website. Enjoy touring the museum during your stay at our boutique hotel for family in Barcelona.