Barceloneta Beach in Barcelona | Visit Barcelona With FamilyBarcelona is famous for its gorgeous city beaches and views of the stunning Mediterranean Sea. In Barcelona, you can easily enjoy yourself and your family on the golden Spanish sand. You can even picnic on the beach if you wish! Here is a list of the three best beaches in Barcelona. We hope you enjoy the sand in our boutique hotel for family in Barcelona!

Barceloneta Beach

This beach hums with lively drums from street performers. It’s common to see sand-artist and singers filling the beach with art and artistic talent. This beach is popular among tourists, but there an obvious reason why!

The golden sand is warm to the touch and the live performers can entertain you for hours! It also is home to some of the best beach eats in the whole city! What is better than eating some of Barcelona’s best food, while soaking your toes in the warm salty sea?

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Nova Icaria Beach

This beach is a magnate for the young who love to party into the night and tan in the day. Right beside the Olympic Marina and observatory, this beach is hopping with visitors from the local beach bars. Nova Icaria also has a shopping center and English cinema only a few steps away!

This beach is also popular for its abundant water sports. You can kayak, paddleboard, windsurf and even swim!

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Bogatell Beach

This beach is fifteen minutes from the Bogatell Metro Station, but its pristine sand makes up for the walk! Bogatall is a little north-east of the city center, but it’s the beach that locals go to when they crave the sand. This beach is a lot quieter than its other beach closer to the city center. If you’re looking for a local and calm beach this is the one for you!

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We hope you are able to find the perfect beach for you and we hope you are able to enjoy its sunny waves while staying in our family hotel in central Barcelona!